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Julia Zastava

Vernissage - vendredi 20 octobre à partir de 19h


Exposition - 21 octobre / 10 novembre

29 rue de bièvre 75005


Little yes , little no

Es wird dunkel. Its getting dark. Dark like coffee? Dark like confusion? Does black marble combine both? Does human nature mean to float between coffee, confusion and marble? Taking shapes, using gestures, hiding in words. Dasein through sunset / sunrise. Through another day. In a distant galaxy.

Once upon a time in a family of things there was dwelling a father, a mother, a child and a dog. Vintage constellation fulfilling another day with their constructions between the sky and the earth. And the sky was blue and the earth was brown. And in between it was transparent. That is x.

Father. Father was dreaming to be not a father but a tomato in the garden of a mother. Mother felt it and was deeply disturbed – she was thinking about delicate ways of a transcendental journey. The most seductive for her seemed the idea of a jump in a drilled tunnel straight through the Earth. According to scientists, it  would take her exactly 42 minutes and 12 seconds to get to the other side.
The dog was also driven by idea of numbers. Its thoughts were constantly occupied by profits of  multiplication. Octopuses have three hearts. Female kangaroos have three vaginas. Snakes have two penises, but only use one at a time. Hmmm… Child was trapped into beginning. The beginning of repetition. Child liked to stand in the dark on all fours.


Julia Zastava is a multimedia artist working with drawings, videos and installations. She was born in Moscow and lives and works in Vienna. She has been internationally exhibited in places such as Kubus EXPORT, Vienna  /  Austrian Cultural Forum, London  /  Topographie de l’Art, Paris  /   California Institute of the Arts: CalArts, Valencia, CA  /  Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow  /  Cutlog NY Video program, New York  /  MUSA startgalerie, Vienna  /  Zeitraumexit, Mannheim  /  National Center of contemporary art, Moscow  /  The State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg  /  Pump House Gallery, London  /  700IS Reindeerland, Reykjavik /  Roman Susan gallery, Chicago  /  XL gallery, Moscow  /  The Santa Fe complex, Santa Fe  /  Adds Donna gallery, Chicago  /  The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow  / galerie l'Aléatoire, Paris / Parcours Saint-Germain, Paris.

Her current works are dealing with processes of transitions, questions of narrations, ideas of the uncanny, traumas, sexuality and magic.

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